September 23, 2011

How To: Write a Fan Letter

   ---Originally posted on 3/15/11 to Teenage Times---
 Why, hello there.

  If you’re like me, you love mail. You effing love it. You sign up for free samples just to get something for yourself in the mail. You send away letters for the same reason. Love letters, hate letters, fan letters…Let’s focus on that last one. I was recently on one of my favorite authors’, Garth Nix’s, website, and decided to write him a fan letter. I decided that, since it was a somewhat unusual process for me, I’ll do a blog post detailing how to write a fan letter. Properly.

   Step One: Gear Up.
    You’ll need noticeable stationery. And, optionally, a pen with pretty ink. Don’t get colorful envelopes, though, because the mechanical address-readers have problems reading them(take red, for example).
                             Stationary: Target
     Step Two: Dear…               Decide who you’re writing to. Is it a musician, actress, author…?
    Step Three: Draft it.
      Type up a prototype. Once you think it’s perfect, rewrite it entirely, without looking back at it. This drains unnecessary thoughts and ideas. Absolutely don’t forget: Spell-check!
   Step four: Write it out.
                Carefully and neatly write your letter. Don’t cram the given writing space–your favorable person probably won’t squint to read before throwing it away. I closed mine with “Yours appreciatively”.
                                    Dig my horribly horrible handwriting?
            Step Five: Address it.
               Come on.   You know the drill.
            Step Six: Hey, Mr. Mailman…
                    Mail it! If you want a reply, be sure to include a SASE (self-addressed stamped envelope). If your person is from another country, include a SASE and an  International Reply Coupon(can be redeemed for minimum postage for the person it’s being sent to–in this case, you!). Including these things is probably the most important step on here, really and truly.
 All righty then. I hope this helped with your quest for reply letters! That’s all, folks.

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