November 19, 2011

A Look Into: Organizing My Vanity

  Hello, hello!

    Before this afternoon, that mess you see was my vanity. Gross.
   See, I consider myself an extremely organized person. I am, however, fiercely unmotivated. Combine those two, and you have what you see here: a week's worth of pileup, untouched. It all started Monday, when I was looking for some orange-y lipgloss. Then Monday night, when I was too exhausted to clean up after myself. Continue to Tuesday, when no mix of concealers could cover up a massive zit. Then Tuesday night, when I was too busy self-pitying and Proactive-using to care about cleaning. The cycle continued until today, when I finally found the strength to go hardcore cleaning.
   The biggest problems I face on a day-to-day basis are my obsessive compulsive issues. I won't say I have O.C.D., but I have something close to it (without such severity.) Like, I have to check the faucet at least three times to make sure it's off after washing my hands. And I can't scratch my nose without pushing it down afterward, perhaps out of subliminal fear of having a pig-nose. Whatever the case, cleaning is a major part of my unlimited problems.
   This, mixed with my unmotivated attitude, creates my uncertainly sporadic personality. I can't avoid it. It can't avoid me.
    Anyway, that's some background into my organizing/not organizing problem. With all that said, let's clean this vanity, shall we?

   BAM! Pretty nice, if I do say so myself. Here are some tips I used when I organized:

  1.   Keep out what you use everyday or every other day. Store some of the less-used nearby, and the rarely-used/back-ups underneath....
  2.  Unless it's something you've splurged on or has a pretty display. Someone once said, "an enriching person surrounds themselves with enriching things." Or maybe a homeless person said that once; all I know: if it makes you happy, you should keep it out.
  3.  Create a separate space for something have a lot of, but use a lot of, too. (My example: lipgloss)
  4.  When there's not a lot of something, but you want it all in the same place, put it in a small drawer.
  5. When you have things in bulk (cotton balls, Q-Tips, personal items, etc.), put it in pretty storage close by.
  6. When organizing every-day items, keep eyeshadow with eyeshadow and blush with blush. It's easier to find when you're running late.

  What have you organized recently?


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