January 9, 2012

(Sort of a) Review: SunBeam Mini Pie Maker!


    About two months ago, I bought a SunBeam mini pie maker. Originally I wanted a Babycakes one, but I saw a Target ad for the then-cheaper Sunbeam one and decided to buy it.

     I won't say I didn't have expectations; the reviews were great, and I could only imagine wanting some pie and, eight minutes later, having a fresh one!

   The concept was simple: preheat the small machine, use the included cutters to cut out the base and top crusts, load those in the molds, add fruit, wait eight to ten minutes, and BAM! Mini pies!
       Anyway, a few days later (after getting my pie crust and fruit), I tried it...


       And it's FANTASTIC! It's ridiculously easy, and oh my gosh, the results are incredible! I love this thing so much. And cleaning it is so easy! ...Jeez, I could do a commercial.

    Do you have a mini pie maker? Do you plan on getting one? Here are some tips:

  • Overloading your little pies can be seriously messy. Take a look at my (gross) first try:

  • I can't express how much tastier fresh fruit is than canned!

  • Try to prevent excess dough/crust if you want your pie to look nice (which, here, it won't!).

      Do you you have mini-treat maker? Do you plan on getting one?


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  1. I just got one for my husband for Father's Day...he loves cooking and especially pies! Glad to hear it is so great..we'll be trying ours tonight.