February 16, 2012

Valentine Shenanigans & Baking Ventures


   Since I couldn't put my Valentine's Day happenings in the actual Valentine's Day post, I decided to make a new one, just for that!

  Aside from making some of Cupid's arrows, I crafted up Valentines for some of my family. I was tremendously inspired by Scathingly Brilliant's, but wanted to make them myself.


 I decided I'd bake two Valentine-themed treats on separate days. The first? Whoopie pies! I couldn't believe how complicated they actually were. Since they turned out too large, there wasn't enough frosting. Sigh.


 Speaking of pre-14th, on Monday I wore a Pre-Valentine's Day outfit, complete with the heart shoes I got for Christmas. I don't have them on in the photo, unfortunately. I was a big, festive smack of red on the actual 14th, because I love red. Is this my first what I wore mention? I believe so!

  I apologize for how messy they look; one was actually taken in the bathroom, both taken before school. Won't happen again. Honest!

  Have I told you about my obsession with bees? Now's as good a time as any...


  How precious is that bee balloon? And look! I freaked out when I saw the bee cupcakes. Oh, and check out that thumb. Pretty festive nail art, if I do say so myself.

    On the real hearts day, I gave Strawberry Puffcakes a shot. And something went terribly, terribly wrong.

  Did you see what they're supposed to look like? Yeah, not like that. I did something wrong, probably with the butter and salt. Oh, well. At least they were dipped in chocolate!

   So, that cat Valentine really did the trick, because my mom got me some presents! She's the best gift-giver, I swear.
Tokidoki Airways Palette, Tokidoki Mints, Tokidoki Mirror, and chocolate Turtles (my favorite!)

The palette is absolutely gorgeous. The colors are so perfect for me, I'm just gonna die.

  Target had some fantastic Valentine things, so I hit it up on the 15th for some hearty clearance (get it?). What I got will be in an upcoming post, I suppose.

    How did you spend February 14th?


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