June 2, 2012

Catching Up via Instagram


  Rather than make a massive post detailing every little thing I did while I was away, I decided to make a semi-massive post with almost every little thing I did while I was away. Just kidding. Seriously though, here are some pictures of what I've done recently (mostly just food, honestly), via Instagram.

 My mom graduated with her Master's! And I finally watched this adorable movie.

Say hello to Walton! And free nail polish is always a good thing.

These quote blocks are always so cute. And buffet dessert = solid four pounds gained.

Pretty self-explanatory.

"Zoe, here's a duck wallet for you!" Heck yes. And finally tried one of those tacos. I could live off of those things.

New Forever 21 opened! Two stories baby! And discovered White Collar on Netflix. Mar-a-thonnnn!

Visited a one-horse town for the Jack Daniels Distillery tour. Didn't see any bats, but left being pretty sure good ol' J.D. was attracted to those of the same chromosome, if you catch my drift.

Had my first scoop of Horchata, and visited Union Station hotel when my very, very distant relative person from San Fran came to visit. Dad's grandma's sister's son's wife's brother, I think. Not joking.

My favorite kind of donut baybay! And dude. It's a bumblebee, on a cupcake. Yes, I kept said bumblee.

Sick for the first time in four years! Shucks. But leaving early from school equals fast-food breakfast, so it was all good.

Yep, I've mostly just sat around eating while I was away. I managed to not fail my grade, too. :)

   What've you been up to?


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