June 14, 2012

I Guess I'll Never Be Wise


  Today's the day: I'm getting all four of my wisdom teeth out! Crazy stuff. My friends who've had the same oral surgery done say the pain is indescribable; worse than the first few days of having braces. Ughhh. At least I won't feel it immeditaely. That nitrus stuff is gooooood  And at least I'm having it done at all, I guess. I could have wisdom-tooth pain for forever is that even a thing?, but now the pain is only temporary...Hooray.

  Anyway, in honor of my tooth removal, I've scoured Etsy for apropriately-themed purchaseables. Some may be cute, some may be quirky, and some of it may be really weird. (Click the picture for the link.)

Sterling Silver Molar Tiny Stud EarringsCrocheted Coaster, Molar, Cotton
Human tooth earrings niobium postsCrochet Tooth Fairy Plush - Pearl
Adjustable Ring - Vintage 60's Denture Charm Repurposed - Teeth and Gums - KitschGold Wisdom Tooth Hairpin

Monsieur MolarWisdom Tooth Print 8x10

Handmade  Wisdom Tooth  pendantCute Impacted Wisdom Tooth Charm


Silver Wisdom Tooth Pin   Screaming Denture Teeth horror charms 8 pieces


   So, I'm off to surgery. I don't know what to call it! It's not ortho, or the dentist's office, or the hospital... It sounds too shady for me. I think I'll tell my mom to call it off. Because that's totally possible

   Do you have any wisdom teeth left? :)


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