June 30, 2012

Your Summer Show Guide


     It's no secret I'm a big fan of television. It's not that I love to just randomly watch whatever's on (actually, I almost never do that); instead, I watch shows that I follow. Basically, DVR and Netflix Instant are my best friends.
  Late June and the whole month of July are big for season premieres of TV shows. Below, I've listed the ones I'll most definitely be tuning into. Following that, I've listed some shows I've already been watching so far this summer, then I've listed what I've been watching/ obsessing over via Netflix Instant. Anyway, I'll start with the ones with the soon-est premieres.

 June 28th
(I'm two days late; sorry!)
 Louie // HBO
This show follows comedian Louis C.K. through his New York "life". I've only seen the very first season of this show, but this season looks just as promising.

July 1st
Weeds // Showtime
Oh, this is difficult to explain; there's so much history! Here's the Wikipedia link. (It sounds sort of lame, but you've got to give it a chance. I feel like I should mention that the actors are perfectly cast, too, in my opinion.) I've been watching this show for the longest time; last summer, I watched every episode from the beginning -- I love it! Rumor has it this is the last season ever... Let's hope not!
Episodes // Showtime
The show's about Matt LeBlanc (as himself) starring in a show developed from a British show. The first season was okay. Nothing spectacular. I'd suggest Weeds over this one, if you have to choose. :)

July 10th
White Collar // USA Network
Ahhh! Since the end of May, I've been watching every single episode of this show, and I'm hooked. It's about this ex-con (classy, high-profile crimes, though: think Frank Abagnale, Jr. from Catch Me If You Can) who becomes a criminal consultant for the FBI. Last season, he (his name is Neal Caffrey, by the by) escaped(with his friend Mozzie; in my opinion, the whole show is worth watching just for Mozzie)!

July 15th
Breaking Bad // AMC
 Another hard one to explain. Let's take this one over to Wikipedia, too.
Leverage // TNT
A group of criminals join forces to help people... Sounds crazy lame. Wikipedia, it is, then.

What I've been watching so far...

Pretty Little Liars // ABC
Franklin & Bash // TNT
Tosh.0 // Comedy Central

True Blood // HBO
Girls // HBO
Veep // HBO
(Girls and Veep just had season finales; I suggest checking them out On Demand if you're interested)

What I've been watching on Netflix Instant...

Sherlock // BBC
This is, without a doubt, the best show I've ever seen in my life. It's a "mini-series", though, so there's only three episodes in a "season". Weirdly, though, each episode is about the length of a movie. Only the first season is available via Instant, though. I just bought the second one, since I've been wait-listed on regular mail Netflix since forever.

Doctor Who // BBC
Apparently, this show has been on and off since the '60's, with each Doctor (main character) "regenerating", a.k.a. "getting a new body". So, the Doctor himself is the same, but he gets a new body (new actor) every season, or every few seasons. I've only started the show with the newest Doctor, the eleventh (real name Matt Smith). I'm not usually into sci-fi shows (this is the only one I currently watch), and the trailer makes it look...well, ridiculous. Admittedly, the first episode with Matt Smith isn't very good, but I suggest you keep watching; it's actually pretty good by the second.

Oh, and Shark Week starts August 12th. :)

 What new shows will you be watching? Or, what new shows have you been watching?


P.S. I'll be in Atlanta from 7/1 to 7/3, so no posts till after then. COLDPLAY, HERE I COME! :)


  1. i can't wait for breaking bad to start! i just finished the fourth season and i am dyinggg

  2. oh my gosh right?! it's soo stressful but soo worth it! I wish it was sooner than july 15th, uuuugh!!