April 14, 2013

Veronica Mars!

 Last night I finished the third (and final) season of Veronica Mars. I had been meaning to check out the show for a while, but only started a week ago (Spring Break!) after my mom randomly donated $25 to the Kickstarter for a VM movie. I watched each season in two days... Sleeping till 12 the next day was totally worth it. Unfortunately I had to wait an entire week to start/finish season three. Thanks, public school system.
  I am passionate about the show. I love it. Like how I felt about Buffy before her relationship with Angel ended. It's on Netflix, but I suggest buying it if you want to watch it all one after the other, the way I did (Warning: Doing this may cause extremely intense emotions for the show and its characters. Watch at your own risk.).
   The characters Veronica, Keith, Logan, and Wallace have such crazy wit unparalleled in any other show/characters I've ever watched. As the creator once put (about Veronica), "She plays smart." It's so refreshing to see such an incredibly intelligent young lady as a character. She's probably one of the best role models ever on TV, if not the best.

See you on the other side.


 P.S. The posts are slowing down because of my looming finals! Back to regularly scheduled content soon, promise!

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