July 29, 2013

Los Angeles & San Diego 2013

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      I recently went on a trip to California! Los Angeles and San Diego were the main stops, and they completely blew my mind. Without tickets to Comic-Con, I still managed to be a part of the action thanks to NerdMachine (I went to the Psych and The Maze Runner panels) and all the events outside the convention center. I'd have to say the highlights were attending the Psych the Musical advance screening (the freebies! oh, the freebies!) and volunteering at The Walking Dead Escape. Oh, and visiting the San Diego Zoo was incredible too (PANDAS!)! I separated the pictures into two collages, one of the Comic-Con (second), the other, everything else (first).

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Not pictured: Straight-up stalking Sunset Gower Studios in search of the Dexter cast. No dice. Did see a Miami Metro police vehicle, praise the TV gods.
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Also pretty sure I saw True Blood's Warlowe on the street, as well as James Dashner (outside of the Maze Runner panel), and my brother saw two of the Impractical Jokers (just so you know, Murr's a total jerk.)

It was all so much fun, so surreal. I feel so lucky. I have more pictures on my Flickr. Especially of Dylan O'Brien. The ladies love Dylan O'Brien... but I'm a 1980-Harrison Ford girl till the end!

 Have you had any summer adventures?!


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