September 29, 2011

Vacation Tips & Packing

  ---Originally posted on 7/16/11 to Teenage Times---

Hello, travellers.
   As you know, I just went to Orlando(you didn’t see the massive post directly under this one? Scroll down, please). Doing so, I picked up three really useful tips on finding deals.
  •    Find Gas Deals: Did you hear how, in many states, Wal-Mart is taking
        off 10 cents per gallon of gas just by using a gas card? I didn’t pay for gas
        here, but I know this is a pretty big freaking deal.
  •    Get a Groupon Account for the City You’re Visiting: How else
       would you discover deals on T-Shirt makers, comedy clubs, and manatee
        snorkeling? Or just discover these places in general?
  •   Check Yelp Prior to Buying these Deals: Make sure they’re both
       legit and don’t suck.
     I only have one classic packing tip: Leave room for souvenirs, man! I guess I should also suggest collecting pressed pennies like I do, it saves me money–I don’t buy a Bart statue to commemorate my ride on The Simpsons coaster, I just get a pressed penny(or several)! You can also buy pressed penny books. I suggest getting that book at a place you’ve never been and might never return, not a place like Orlando. A place like The Smithsonian(though I hope I will return, someday).
  Last tip: If you’re like me, you should LOAD THAT iPOD UP with albums from bands you’ve been dying to listen to, but never got around. Bands like this for me included Arcade Fire and The Black Keys, plus fifty million more. Anyway, listen to them on your road trip. It passes the time, crazy-easy.
   I’ll be posting again soon for a vacation/non-vacation haul, plus a list of more bands I’m obsessing over. Oh, and a marigolds picture of course. Maybe even a review or two. Lots in store, baby!

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