October 1, 2011

9 Things You Can Do Right This Second

---Originally posted on 3/15/11 to Teenage Times--- 
  Hey hey.
   Bored? I know. Check out this list of things you can do, right this second. (Hungry? Check out 6 Easy Snacks to Make Right This Second.)
  •   Start a Tumblr account. I can literally spend hours just sitting here, reblogging all my favorite nonsense.
  •    List your Old, Crappy Video Games on Half.com. I posted my old Super Mario Brothers for DS (I hear there’s plans for a 3DS version. Yeah, I’m that kind of girl now) a few hours ago, and it already sold. $20 in my pocket!
  •     Start a Beauty Insiders Membership. Free birthday gift, and you don’t even have to spend anything. Case closed.
  •    Make a Paper Crane Ceiling.
  •    Find New Music. Totally digging iTunes Genius.
  •    Save for retirement. Have I told you yet? Save 4 grand per year between the ages of 16 and 20, and you’ll have 2 million when your 65. True story. Google it.
  •    Test All the Pens on your Desk. I threw out over half. Pretty bummed.
  •    Bake Something. Well, try to. Most things you need to make a chocolate cake, you already have.
  •   Find out who you share your birthday with. Google ”People Born on –insert birthdate–”, then the first source will probably be NNDB.com, which is the most reliable, hands down.
       Sound like a plan?

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