October 2, 2011

What's New?

----Originally posted to Teenage Times on 3/7/11----

Hey there.
  (In case you’ve never heard of this thing called the past, that little coo coo rhyme is a lyric from the Beatles.)
   Allllllrighty then! <—As you just read, I’ve been watching Ace Ventura lately. That rhino scene will change your life. Anyway, I recently got some mail. Hoorah! It’s my Doc Martens all the way from Europe.

     No heel, no bulkiness = perfection only Doc himself can achieve.

  They’re called Shoreditch/Eclectic Leather (holla!) Dr. Martens. I had to import them due to the lack of awesomeness(/leatherness) that U.S. online stores have available. I ordered them from KBK Shoes. These guys were on sale, alas, shipping wasn’t cheap(shipped next day without special payment; took around six weekdays to arrive). Since U.K. sizes are different, I ordered a size 4(I’m regularly a 6 – 6 1/2). If I’m wearing socks(I usually am…) and the laces are tied, they fit nicely. Oh, I also definitely suggest buying leather–it’s five dollars more expensive, but leather lasts longer and all your mud-n’-diseases from everyday adventures wipe off a whole lot easier. I won’t do a review, since I’m so biased about these.
  Moving on, there’s not much new I have to say. I haven’t been doing much shopping, so no item reviews. I haven’t had many free days, so no blog-worthy adventures. Due to this coolness-lacking, I’ll share with you some recent discoveries of things that I’m currently digging.
  •   The word deck. It’s rad-person speak for cool(“Dude, that’s totally deck!”).
  • The band Mumford & Sons. It sounds like some furniture company from the South. However, it’s the coolest rock-folk-alternative band on the circuit right now. (Download “The Cave” and, if you’re looking for folkier, download “Winter Winds“.)
  • The TV show Chuck. Um, adorably kickass.
  • The book Red Riding Hood. Sounds totally lame, but if you want to see the movie, check it out. What intrigues me? The book was based on the screenplay, not vice versa. Or, if you can’t wait till the movie, read the last page–everything you need to know, right there. (:
  • The prehistoric Brontosaurus. What’s not to love?
   To makeup for my extreme lack of posts last week, I’ll try to post in a day or two. Alrighty, then.

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