October 5, 2011

Seventeen versus Teen Vogue

 ---Originally posted on 8/14/11 to Teenage Times--- 

 Hello, hello!

     Awhile back, I started a subscription to Teen Vogue. I wasn’t an avid reader of the magazine, but in one issue, I saw a mail-in “Subscribe!” card with an adorable bag on it and decided, why not? If you’ll recall, I never got that free bag.
    Since then, I’ve compared two incredibly popular teen-girl magazines, and the details are seriously important to realize. Read on for the epic battle: Seventeen versus Teen Vogue. (Note: I took Girl’s Life out of the running, simply because I believe it’s aimed at a somewhat younger audience: up to age 14 or 15.)

    Seventeen versus Teen Vogue

    Seventeen Hard Facts
  • Around since 1944
  • Life-style magazine
  • Meant for ages 12-19
  • Currently published by Hearst
  • Around 7-8 million subscribers
      Teen Vogue Hard Facts
  •  Around since 2003
  • Fashion magazine
  • Meant for ages 13-19
  • Currently published by Conde Nast
  • Vogue‘s “little sister”
  • Around 1 million subscribers
   Aside from tips, tricks & articles..
    Seventeen Reader Benefits: Monthly contests, occasional coupons, and a free gift every issue! (Below is September’s free full-size ”Paris Amour” lotion!)
                              (Apologies for the low quality)

Teen Vogue Reader Benefits: Heads-up for the latest Teen Vogue Haute Spot 
   In-the-Mail Extra Important note: Seventeen always delivers the magazine to subscribers before it hits stands. Teen Vogue, however, does not. I usually find Teen Vogue on stands before it’s in my mailbox.
   Where does this leave you, the consumer? Here’s a summary for each magazine, to help you decide which is best for you.
     Being in the game since 1944, Seventeen has teenage minds down pat. Delivering what every young American girl wants to know monthly, Seventeen is ideal for information on style, love, fashion, academics and more. It’s the ultimate monthly bible for every young girl.
   First premiering with Gwen Stefani on the cover, Teen Vogue knew what young fashionistas wanted right away. With Vogue as it’s predecessor, Teen Vogue took clothes off the runway, made them wearable, and put them in young girls’ closets everywhere. Delivering a monthly fashion report, Teen Vogue is the ultimate guide for budding designers (and models!) all over the country.  
   Subscribe away, young readers!

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