October 7, 2011

No Regrets, Just Love: Katy Perry Concert & Meet and Greet 8.19.11

       ---Originally posted on 8/21/11 to Teenage Times--- 

 Hello, hello.

   I’ve been blogging my excitement for the Katy Perry concert since forever. The California Dreams tour is supposed to be nothing less that spectacular. It wasn’t.

                           By the way, nobody likes a picture thief. (: Ask about my Flickr page! :D
   My  mom and I got our Ultimate V.I.P. passes and then were led straight to the Candyfornia pre-show party. It was neat– I watched people sing karoke, ate some food, and dug through my gift bag(inside: towel, sunglasses, and lollipop). After we bought our merch(I got a tour shirt and program), we waited in the party room for about an hour before being led to a really long line (we skipped to the front–I guess that’s a benefit of being Ultimate:)  at 7 o’clock. Eventually, we were led into the meet and greet room.
     I was about to have a panic attack when I saw her, I just stood there watching her for a minute. I got in line, and finally, it was my turn. She introduced herself, and then signed my Rolling Stone and poster we brought. I told her I brought her a present, but it was on the other table for security to check. I’m so glad I wrote a letter and put it in there, I barely said anything at all. She signed my things, then we got a picture. I gave her a hug, and we left.


   Then, we were led to our seats. I was really jittery because I heard that the  General Admission pit was a thousand times better than seats. Well, at this show, Janelle Monae had already started–meaning, the arena was totally full already. Sorry, GA! We found our seats to be front row, seats 4 & 5– seats RIGHT in front of the “T” of the stage. Looking back, if I could’ve picked any other seats in the entire arena,  I wouldn’t. That’s how perfect they were.
   After DJ Skeet Skeet’s set, it was Katy’s turn. I don’t think I need to go in detail about how phenomenal she was. By the end, we were hardcore sprayed with “whip cream” (soapy water), then feathered in confetti! I thought it was the icing (..or whip cream) on the cake, but my mom was, naturally, not too happy.


   All in all? It was probably the best night of my entire life.

   xoxo & cotton candy,


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