November 13, 2011

Egyptian Exhibits & Grocery Store Adventures

  Hello, hello!

   On Saturday, I finally went to a much-anticipated museum exhibit at an extremely lovely museum. This exhibit, "To Live Forever: Egyptian Treasures", displayed Egyptian artifacts from the Brooklyn Museum.

   As with most real-artifact exhibits, this array of objects was absolutely wonderful. Sadly, this is the last major exhibit of the 2011 season. With Andy Warhol as this year's highlight, I hope next season will be just as remarkable!

   Recently, I went to Whole Foods Market for the first-time, in search of the expectedly-limited Ben & Jerry's ice cream flavor, Schweddy Balls. Before continuing, I should probably mention that Schweddy Balls is an infamous SNL skit (!), and, as a flavor, is currently under the fire of a mom organization, making it sold in only 30% of usual Ben & Jerry's retailers. Therefore, it had to be mine.

  Success! I was overjoyed by the Balls; I can't wait to try it. So after my initial Schweddy encounter, it was time to explore the store--I was ready to see what all this "organic" hype was about.
    In the end, I found what I wanted and more--like, two drinks I've been looking for EVERYWHERE: Synergy and Honest Tea. Honest Tea bottlecaps have quotes on them, so I don't think my obsession really needs to be spoken.

    Have you ever been to an Egyptian exhibit? Or been psyched with your finds at an organic grocery store?


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