October 30, 2011

This Week's Top Five: 10/30/11

 Hello, hello!

 Welcome to the first-ever Top Five! All week, I've scavenged the Internet and beyond to find my top five favorite things. It's pretty hard to narrow it down! In no order, here they are... (Drumroll, please.)

  •    Mylo Xyloto by Coldplay
As long-time Coldplay fan, I'm so freaking thrilled about its release. After ridiculous amounts of negotiating, my mom finally agreed the Deluxe edition would be a Christmas present. Thank goodness.
  •  Puss in Boots
Ahhh! As a major cat person, seeing this movie was kind of a priority...
  •  Chuck's Season Premiere
Chuck 2007 logo.svg
I really, really don't want it to end...
  •  GetGlue
Dude, if you know two things about me, it's that I love stickers and dinosaurs. However, if you know three things about me, you know I love stickers, dinosaurs, and television. That's why Get Glue is probably the coolest thing since surprised kittens. ...You can thank me later.
  •  Horror Movies
(Whilst looking for an image of this, I, naturally, stumbled upon the chick's terrifying face, and realized it's the same face that's after the iconic scary maze!)
Years ago, Psycho began a life-long tradition of wetting myself every Halloween weekend. Okay, not really, but classic horror movies get me everytime.

   Alrighty then! This concludes this week's Top Five, hope you enjoyed!
  What are your five favorite things you found this week?



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