November 27, 2011

How To: Collect Pressed Pennies


    To some, this may seem extremely lame. To (cooler) others, this may seem like a super-rad guide to getting a cheap memento from a lovely trip or experience. To everyone, this is a post about the art of collecting pressed pennies.


   I first began collecting pressed pennies in about the fourth grade; I went with my mom and my brother's sixth grade class (don't ask) to Washington, D.C. (did you know it's not in Virginia? Life-altering information!), and visited the Smithsonian. The glorious Smithsonian! Or Smithsonians, I should say. Anyway, it was an exorbitant set of museums, and every souvenir had an exorbitant price. My mom was the first to point out the machine -- "Look, Zoe!" (Fond memory flashback...and back!) There, in its shining glory, a pressed penny machine! For $0.51, I could have a lovely little picture forever pounded into my tiny Abe Lincoln. It was a good day.
   Since then, I've somewhat obsessively collected pressed pennies from every place I go, often times getting several from one machine. It's inexpensive and incredible. This post will illustrate the pros and cons of penny collecting, as well as the steps to having and keeping a very delightful little collection.

   Along with the many pros, cons always worm their way in.

Pros of Collecting Pressed Pennies
  •  Inexpensive
  •  Simple
  •  Find machines easily with (they're international!!)
 Cons of Collecting Pressed Pennies
  • Tiny
  •  Might not be in your location
  •  Easy to lose
  Still interested? I've included some tips to get you started!

  Get a Book
 Many places sell pressed penny books, that hold up to 42 pennies. Many books also include a limited edition, "pre-made" penny on the front cover. READ READ READ!: Every year, I go to Gatlinburg, Florida, or both. That means, if I were to get a pressed penny book in one of those places, it wouldn't be as special of a memory! I got my book at the National Museum of Natural History-- a place I've never been before that fourth grade trip and a place I haven't been since. So you should get your book at a special place! I'm waiting until Europe 'till I get my next one.

  When on a trip, try to always have two quarters and a penny in your wallet
 I've missed out on several good pennies because of this. I realize how lame that sounds.

 If they're nice or extra significant, get more than one
 ...from the same machine or place. It's usually not necessary to get duplicates of the same one, though.

  Don't just drop them into your (large) purse or pocket
 Especially if you're at a theme park! Tuck them into your wallet or put them into an empty Mentos container to avoid losing them.

  I hope I found a solution to some of your cons with these tips! Good luck!


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