November 27, 2011


  Hello, hello!

  Inspired by my pressed penny post, I decided to give a little insight into the rest of my collections.
As a collector of many things, I have been called a hoarder on several occasions. I am not, nor do I ever hope to be, a hoarder. I am now, however, what I like to call a Cool-Thing Accumulator, wherein I only collect cool things. A collector, hoarder, gatherer, Cool-Thing Accumulator -- whatever name floats your boat, that's what I am. Here are some of my collections.

I'm running out of space; they're overflowing!

Vintage Cameras

 Following up my novels for biggest space-taker, these old-school memory-makers fill up a shelf and then some. If only I could find some Polaroid film that still had some battery!

Maps & Globes

  Oh, how I love maps and globes! I just can't explain the happiness they give my geeky self.

 Old Purses
 Yard sale, estate sale, flea market-- where ever you've seen them, you can bet I've found them.

Crossbody Bags

 Thank you, Goodwill and Target clearance.

 Those are my collections, excluding the pronounced shoes and nail polish. It all started when I was a little person: soap from hotels. We went to Florida up to every six months to visit my dad's-side grandparents, and look what all that soap did for me.

    What do you collect?


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