December 4, 2011

Christmas Time, in the City (not really)


   I hope you're enjoying this festive season!

    I've put together the top five things I'd like for Christmas, and decided to share it with you!

  1.    Europe & World Maps
    Europe Political Map (Earth-toned)
  2.    Paint-by-Number Kits (This & This)

    Masterpiece Studio A Paint-by-Number Kit Paint By Number Kit
  3.    Vans Watermelon Shoes


    Polaroid has more expensive film that Fujifilm; I love maps; I've always been obsessed with Mario Kart; LOOK AT THAT CAT; I can fit in girls' shoes! (largest size only)
 I almost asked for a Fisheye2 Camera, but I weighed the constant film price, difficulty of having film developed, etc., and decided against it.
  I'm asking for a few more random things, like books and movies, but this is the meat of my wishlist. I'm trying to make my total gift cost less expensive, for next semester's financial situation.

   What are you asking for this holiday?


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