December 3, 2011

Review: O.P.I. Nail Polishes


  I recently blogged about some new nail polish I purchased: Designer...De Better! and Gone Gonzo from the O.P.I. Muppets collection. Here's what I have to say!

    I've had experience with O.P.I. before, but it wasn't good. Since I'm in love with Katy Perry, getting her nail polish was a must. I had never seen a more perfect color for a newly-nail-obsessed teenage girl as her Teenage Dream! Totally stoked, I bought the whole collection in mini-form, and put on TD right away; only to discover, days later, it was the most difficult nail polish to get off that I have ever tried! I haven't worn it since, nor have I bought anything by O.P.I. I decided to give the brand a second chance.

       As with all other nail polish techniques I use, I started with a base coat. Then, Designer...De Better!, followed by two or so layers of Gone Gonzo, finished with a clear coat. The picture above is the finished product.
   Hooray! It's pretty! Maybe 1/8 slutty, but mostly pretty. I was psyched to begin the week in such a glittery way.

    WHOA, WHAT?! After the first day, my thumb had chipped and the first two fingers' had completely fallen off. I made sure not to pick at it, even! In a word, I was devastated.
    I paid $16 total for these two nail polishes (my own money, man), only to have to repaint my nails every single day. It was horrendous.

 I decided I won't be purchasing another O.P.I. polish for a long while. I'm incredibly disappointed with the brand.

      Have you had any bad nail polish experiences lately?


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