January 21, 2012

Haul: Winter Sales!

  Hello, hello!

  Recently, I was lucky enough to participate in some wicked sales! :)

   Last summer, I bought my first (well, I had, like, six when I was younger) pair of Keds. I wore those things to the ground, man! Since my summer love, I've been hooked. So when Keds released a coupon that marked all winter-sale items down to $19.16? You bet your bonnet I freaked out.

 The goods: Green Olive Cream Puff Boots (Originally $80, Marked-Down $40, Bought $19.16:) and Flint Grey Champion Luxe shoes (Originally $65, Marked-Down $35, Bought $19.16) The pictures don't really credit the slim, sportiness of the boots, or the lightness of the Luxe's leather. I totally recommend them.
   Pretty successful shoe-shopping, if I do say so myself. :)

   The blog-beloved ModCloth.com had a sale like I've never seen it have! Seriously, I've never seen them mark down so many fantastic items to such a fantastically low price. I mean low-- all the items I wanted were under $20! That's my kind of sale!

     I picked up four super-lovely dresses, and they came today! I'm usually super picky with the way my dresses fit -- being not-as-tall-or-otherwise-grown as adult dress-wearers, pretty garments tend to fall oddly on me. However, this being a less-than-twenty-bucks situation, I decided to give it a shot....and they all fit! Happy day, happy day. The first one, on the right, has this great vintage-y homemaker-type look. It's neighbor there is pretty low cut, but a camisole can fix the sitch! It's super cute; I think I'll wear it to a graduation this spring! Then, the gray one fits like a glove-- it's cozy and perfect for winter! I may even wear it to school, which would be kind of a big deal for me. :) The last one has an odd yet flattering fit, and I adore it, naturally. I'm quite pleased with the whole little haul-- all the dresses are tucked, in or slightly above the waist, which is absolutely lovely!

   Oh, and at the bottom of stack o' dresses was the cutest little pair of hair-pins. A free gift! How exciting.

   By the by, check out the most ridiculous box I've ever seen. Ridiculously delightful, that is.
    This haul will probably be my last super-great one for a while. Those sales blew threw my cash, so I'll be saving up quite a bit...I've got a wallet to fill, and three piggy banks hungry for change! The worst part of shopping? How therapeutic it is! Ugh.

      Find any good winter sales lately? Snag any deals?


P.S. Look at the paper my Keds came in! Isn't it weirdly precious?!

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