January 30, 2012

Stupid Teenager Things: One Direction

   Hello, hello!

    For as long as I've been on Tumblr, I've heard of bands from all over the world. From K-Pop back to Justin Bieber, I've been exposed to the good, the bad, and, in this case, the ridiculously good-looking.

   One Direction is a British band who swiftly gained fame in their stint on the U.K.'s X Factor. Comprised of Harry, Niall, Liam, Louis, and Zayn, the boyband got attention for, if not music, their immense attractiveness.
    One of my favorite Tumblr users used to have this big thing for the most "sultry" (well, he's always puckering his lips, so...) member, Zayn. That's when I actually looked into the band that was in the pictures I had seen for so long. I was mildly interested, until What Makes You Beautiful came out.
    What Makes You Beautiful, or WMYB as so-lovingly acronymed by fans, is an atrociously catchy, repetitive song. After weeks of it rattling around in my head, I looked even further into this British sensation, and went head over heels. Why? I can't exactly tell you. How? Not sure. I'm a Coldplay-loving, Killers-adoring, alternative-or-die teen girl, and I guess that's my exact weakness pinpointed: I'm a teen girl.


   Since then, I've been quick to snatch up any magazine with even the smallest 1D-related bit in it. Yep, those stupid teen gossip magazines have been eating up my spare $2.50, and I'm not proud. Now, though, 1D is quickly gaining steam in the States, and my guilty pleasure is not-so-guilty for all the newcoming Directioners.
    A flip side? 1D popularity in the U.S. means 1D touring! One of my good (Tumblr and real-life:) friends, Sara, has agreed to let me tag along to a concert in March! Even though they're just the opening act, I think I'll have a grand ol' time.

    My biggest problem with their fast-rising popularity? I know it sounds foolish, but I probably won't be able to meet them! Have you ever heard of Hot Chelle Rae? You probably have ("Tonight, Tonight"? "I Like It Like That"?) Well, back in the day (two years, to be precise), they were the opening act in a tiny little venue for a no-name band I was seeing. And after their little show, they were in the lobby! I was totally thrilled, as you can imagine. I listened to their album on repeat for weeks. (Note: This was the first, much less pop-y CD, which was totally stellar.) Now, do you think it's likely that I'll meet One Direction in such a way? As an Irish boy on TV once said, "Doubt it, lad."

   In conclusion, my Achilles heel is British boybands. Would I like 1D as much if they were American? Probably not. Do I care enough to let that stop me from paying my way into one of their shows? No way.

 Thanks for reading my first Stupid Teenager Things post. :)


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