June 18, 2012

Instagram Update


1) S'mores!!
2) Dogsitting two chihuahuas. Exhausting! Makes me glad I'm a cat person, haha.
3) Spotted at an old yard sale... Can you tell what it is?!
4) You know I can't do an Instagram post without a donut in it.
5) Oh, this one is old! Like, June 2nd old! It's The All-American Rejects at Journey's Backyard BBQ.
6) I tried to Pantone-ify my nails without success.
7) Tulip nails! Well, nail. Only one turned out looking like a flower.
8) Porter Flea finds! The little cat ones are from Honeybean, run by one of my favorite bloggers.

  I think I'll try to do Instagram updates more often, because I don't do here-and-now posts very much. Instagram makes it easy to present a little look into what I've been up to lately. :)


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