June 20, 2012

My Top 3 Summer Drinks


   Due to my lack of baking ingenuity, I decided to try creating something else: drinks! Among my trials and errors, I've found some recipes perfect for summer sippin' (yeah, I really just said that). Since today's the official start of summer, I decided to post my favorites.

 Sunshine Fusion
 Serves One
 You'll Need: lemonade, (pulp-free) orange juice, Sprite
  Instructions: Combine equal parts lemonade and Sprite on ice. Add a splash of orange juice.
 Notes: This is my favorite recipe yet! It's not as breakfast-y as I imagined, so it's perfect whenever.

 Serves One
 You'll Need: watermelon soda, Sprite, cranberry juice, lime juice
  Instructions: Add a half-cup of watermelon soda, followed by a splash of cranberry juice. Top off with Sprite and a squeeze of lime juice.
  Notes: I thought this sounded disgusting, but it's now one of my favorites! All the ingredients combine perfectly. The Sprite gives it a special punch.

 Caramel Banana Milkshake
  Serves Four
You'll Need: two bananas, vanilla (or banana) ice cream, caramel syrup, milk, dried banana chips
  Instructions: Slice bananas. Blend it, four scoops ice cream, two cups of milk, and four tbsp of the caramel syrup. Decorate with more syrup and/or two banana chips.
 Notes: For extra caramel action, spread a tbsp of the syrup over the bottom of your glass. You can also top the finished milkshake with another scoop of ice cream. Also, yellow food coloring makes it look more like it tastes.

 Root Beer Float
  You'll Need: root beer, vanilla ice cream
  Instructions: Put two scoops of ice cream in a glass. Fill glass with root beer.
 Notes: I decided not to make it a main feature because it's so simple (and classic!).

 Pineapple Mashup
You'll Need: pineapple soda, cranberry juice, Sprite
Instructions: Combine an equal amount (try 1/3 cup) of each in a glass.
Notes: I just randomly had some pineapple soda, so that's what I used. Try mixing different fruity juices together! 

      What's your favorite summer drink recipe?


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