July 16, 2012

Teenage Boy Clothing, Style & Shopping


I showed him this picture of what proper, classy-young-boy winter clothing looks like. You know I couldn't talk about boy style without One Direction popping up at some point.

    So my older brother, Tommy, has a birthday in a few days, and all he wanted this year was clothes (he's been reading a lot of GQ... I'm so proud! :). The problem, though, is that all those really cool clothes aren't really the kind he'd wear daily, to school and all that stuff. (Honestly, the everyday uniform of a teenage boy is despicable. Hollister shirt, those stupid cargo shorts, atrocious black socks pulled almost to the knee, and those hideous Nike Slide sandals. It's freaking ridiculous. Oh my god.) So, I researched and researched, and finally found clothes websites for young guys that don't suck.
  This article may not (and probably won't) apply to you... You'd need a brother my age! But I feel like if I had found this article at the beginning of my search, it would've made everything so much easier. So, here are my top picks for shopping for guys' clothes. (The link is on the logo)

Think Topshop's cute boyfriend! Oh my gosh, this is stylish-guy heaven. It's got sweaters, chinos, shoes, jackets, and everything. If I could, I'd buy it all! The sweater/chino combo is to die for... If only the prices were, too!

River Island
This isn't as widely known, but has just about the same variety-wise. Another good choice.

Again, full of variety.

Urban Outfitters
Didn't have as much luck here, but great shoe selection!

You can also try...

Found some good sweaters.

Found some good shoes.

Botas botas botas!!

I think they've got great tees, but my brother doesn't like the fabric. Boo.

   You can also try mall staples such as American Eagle, Hollister, and Abercrombie & Fitch. I'm not one for logos across the chest, but whatever floats your boat (or pleases your sibling, I guess).
     For inspiration, try Lookbook.nu. There's also a slew of fashion blogs that aren't just women; a longtime favorite of mine is The Sartorialist.

  If you're searching, I hope I helped! If you're not... At least you know about these stores now! :) Every one of them has great women's apparel, too.


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