July 14, 2012

Stellar Stuff Saturday (+ Introduction)


     A lot of the blogs I read do a post called "Friday Favorites", or a variation of it. It's when they post their favorite things they've seen around the Internet that week, and I always love reading what they've found. So, instead of Friday Favorites, I'm introducing Stellar Stuff Saturday as a new feature! Yaaaay! I won't make any promises on how often I'll do it (probably every Saturday, you know...), but each time I do do it, it'll have all the cool stuff (from pictures to quotes to places to clothes and back again) I've seen on the World Wide Web this week. It may also have little updates at the bottom on what I've been doing. Basically it's like the wrap-up of my week, I guess. Anyhoo, let's get the ball rolling...

MOONRISE KINGDOM Limited Edition Print
this print must be mine! ☚

 ☛ isn't this the prettiest cake you've ever seen?! ☚

(by fluire)
☛ what I'd pay to spend a night here! ☚

 ☛ one of my favorite Sherlock quotes. ☚

☛ I made, like, twenty of these last week ☚   

Rush Hour In The City
 ☛ this is just gorgeous ☚

☛ Buster was always my favorite Bluth ☚

Count On Me by Bruno Mars on Grooveshark
☛ I've been listening to this nonstop lately ☚

 ☛ imagine stumbling upon this! ☚

this shirt omg.☚

 /// Other Stuff & Stuff Lately ///

 ☛ Did you know that there really is a difference between Mexican Coke and American Coke? Yup: Mexican Coke is made with real sugar, I found out. I recently tried it but didn't taste a difference (I don't usually drink Coke [without cherry!] anyway), then my mom tried it and said it tasted like the kind she drank as a kid! Nutty stuff.

 ☛ I don't have a Pinterest account (I'm a Tumblr girl myself), but if I did, I'd be all over this board. I've been so obsessed with mint green lately!

☛ OMG these nails! I'm about to be all up in my mom's hydrangeas.

☛ YOU GUYS. Target's next collab is with freaking Neiman Marcus. OH SNAP.

☛ I'm finally off the waitlist for Birchbox! W00t. I'm just trying it once for lots of reasons jk I just don't have any money so I hope this one includes some Zoya nail polish!

☛ I've been watching a ton of old movies on Netflix Instant lately. It might have to do with a genuine interest in the art, or perhaps a genuine interest in not reading my Driver's Ed manual. Maybe both. Whatever the case, this old Hitchcock movie looks lame but is actually pretty great. (You can find it on Instant under the name, "Young and Innocent")

  What are some of your favorite things this week?


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