August 4, 2012

Stellar Stuff Saturday #4


This is too cool.☚

This is lovely. ☚

 Everything you need to know about the rumored 7-inch iPad tablet
☛ An iPad Mini? Yes, please! ☚

☛ This swimsuit. ☚

☛ Love me some Will Ferrell. And some Jason Segal. And some Jack Black.☚
The Hangover 3 Wolfpack Promo Art
 ☛ AHHHH! ☚

This sweater!! ☚


This brilliant lipstick holder DIY! ☚

☛ Other Stuff /// Stuff Lately☚

☛ It's tax-free weekend baybay!! Is your state participating? Check right hurr. Now the price on the tag is actually the price you'll pay! HOLLER.

☛ I just got a really bad haircut. I don't know why I'm including this. I just feel like it should be included.

☛ Today I'm thrifting for the first time since last December! I think I'll do a whole post on thrifting too. Cause it's not like you've ever read a post on thrifting or anything.

☛ Remember when I talked about that show Episodes? It's waaaay better this season. Just saying.

What'd you discover this week? Have a great weekend!


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