August 7, 2012

Tunes Tuesday /// School Edition


   My first full day of school is this Friday (I know, I don't get the planning either). So, I rounded up some school/school-goer songs for your listening pleasure. :)
 If you're still in school like me, enjoy and good luck. If you're not, enjoy anyway and let's switch lives.

We Are Going to be Friends by The White Stripes on Grooveshark
The Suburbs by Arcade Fire on Grooveshark
Time To Pretend by MGMT on Grooveshark
This Is Your Life by The Killers on Grooveshark
When September Ends by Green Day on Grooveshark
Kids (Single Mix) by MGMT on Grooveshark
We'll Be Alright by Travie McCoy on Grooveshark


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