August 9, 2012

Summer Twenty Twelve in Review


 I've been seeing a lot of "July in Review" posts these days, so I figured I'd hop on the bandwagon. However, instead of just July, I included June as well, so (it's not forgotten and) I can make it a whole Summer-in-Review thing! Holler. So below you'll find all my favorite posts, "big" achievements on the blog and otherwise, and other little tidbits from this summer.
 Side note: I know, I know, it's still summer for most, but my school year starts this week, which cancels any more summer fun. Yeah, my entire summer took place in two little baby months. Group "Awww!", now, please. Thanks.

 Click for all the Nail posts!
 Returned from the mini hiatus, launched the Weekend Plans mini feature and The Nail Series! Also, the blog was completely redesigned!

 I lovelovelove this post on summer drink recipes! And if you're in the NashVegas area, here are the record stores you should know about.

Some of my most favorite TV shows!


I launched two of my most beloved features: Stellar Stuff Saturday and Tunes Tuesday!
and I made a post about boy shopping/clothes. Don't ask.

We compared Target shoes to those in deparment stores in my first Battle of the Brands!

I told you about my favorite picture of all time on my birthday, then posted about my birthday (and July Birchbox)!


This summer I watched a ton of old (mostly Hitchcockian) movies and got into that cult classic TV show Twin Peaks.
The band Of Monsters and Men. Beautiful harmonies and junk.
I became wildly obsessed with (wildly overpriced) Iced Chai Tea lattes.
Why is this included, you ask? Because iced chai tea lattes are now a big part of my life and I can't make an all-about-summer post without something that has such huge presence in my summer-d up life right now, okay?
I got my driver's permit! One step closer to freedom! As long as that freedom is between the hours of 6 AM and 10 PM, of course.
I got new glasses. Not just any glasses. Larger, trendier glasses. It's been scary (ha!) adjusting to looking different (everyone always says to stand out and be different, and I always thought I did and it was whatever, but then I actually, really did. No one tells you what a doozie it is to actually "be different", or the steps to get there. They're steep; especially if you're like me!), but I'm finally used to them and loooooove them. If I'm gonna be considered nerdy for wearing glasses, I guess I should at least embrace it. haha

That's my summer, guys! It's been lazy and unproductive quite the easy ride!
What are some highlights of yours?

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