September 5, 2012

School Series: What's in My Jansport Pocket & Must-Haves for Yours


   Back to school is upon us (or behind us, if you're like me), so I figured I'd launch a new featurette: School Series! I don't know how many in-school readers I have, but for whoever this applies to: School Series is a mini-feature where I post things relating to school. Who would've guessed? :)
   Today I'm going to show you the part of my backpack that's not stuffed with folders and gum wrappers: the front pocket!  I have a Jansport SuperBreak backpack; I chose gray so it would match all my outfits. There's only one pocket, so here's what's inside!

1) My Mini-Emergency Kit: THIS. Last year, this is all I had, not school-related, in my bag; in theory, it's all you need! It's got SIXTEEN different little things (eighteen if you include the glasses repair kit and mini pack of Tylenol I stuffed in there) inside! SIXFREAKINGTEEN YOU GUYS. I got it at Sephora, and they sell them online, too.
2) Permit, School I.D., and Cash: I've got two dollars right now. I know, I know, taking so much cash to school is just asking to get robbed.
3) Gum
4) Emergency Pencil: For emergencies.
5) Cosmetics...: Look below for what's inside!

The Minimergency kit already has a few of these things, but I use those so often, I figured I can never have too many!
Now that I've shared everything important in my school bag homework? pshhh., I have a few tips on what you should put in yours.
// Tips //
1) Cash: Like I said, I've only got two dollars in there, but that two dollars can do everything from saving me from starvation (hey, vending machine, how you doin'?) to being the library's favorite again ("Zoe, it's just a fifty-cent fine, what's taking you so long?").
2) Lipgloss in a good color: be sure the color isn't a crimson or purple; it should go with anything that you're wearing. If you're not a glossy kind of girl, try lip tint. It works wonders.
3) Greasy skin, meet blotting papers: I've got the greasiest forehead of all time. It's gross, but there's a cure: blotting papers! My E.L.F. ones were just a buck, and they do the trick just fine. If it fits in your bag, throw in some powder-- it "soaks up" the grease and removes/prevents shine. It's a must for your after-gym bag; I'll give a peek into mine soon.
4) Collapsable brush thing: I really never thought brushing my hair midday was important, then I looked into the mirror -- my hair was a rat's nest compared to the girl's next to me, and all she did was sweep a brush through. It's crazy what a massive improvement it gives. I got mine at Ulta for about two dollars, but I've seen them at the travel-beauty section at Target.
5) If you can swing the $13, I really, really suggest getting that Minimergency kit. It's helped me so many times, man.
  What's/what will be in your backpack pockets?

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