September 8, 2012

Stellar Stuff Saturday #6


this braid tutorial!! ☚

Halloween is now National Oreo Day, okay?
☛ when does Vampire Diaries come back on?!!☚
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this picture of teary-eyed Neil after walking on the moon. rest in peace. ☚
☛...Speaking of the legend, check out this article on the trio of astronauts' "life insurance"! Love!! ☚
☛ Kaelah's mixtape sleeve DIY! ☚
☛ waaaant! ☚
Julia's favorite brownies
recipe for Julia Child's best brownies?! yes please! ☚
☛ Target's next collaboration! Cute! ☚
this man wore a skirt to defend his son's choice of wearing a dress. father of the year? yes. ☚
this. ☚
Dutch baby
this recipe is so simple and looks so delicious!!☚
☛ Other Stuff /// Stuff Lately ☚
☛ Target launched freaking Campbell's freaking soup cans that freaking have freaking ANDY WARHOL ART ON THEM. The Pokemon collector's motto is with me on this one.

☛ AW SNAP YOU GUYS KEDS' FALL COLLECTION IS OUTTTT. These rainboots, these gorgeous slippers, these/these shoes/booties are my top picks (out of many!).

☛ Rest in peace Michael Clarke Duncan. The definition of hilarious.

 Did you find anything stellar this week?

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