October 5, 2012

The Zoo!


   Back on Wednesday, I went to the Nashville Zoo to see the 6-month-old giraffe. I couldn't not look at all the exhibits, though, so here are the photos from my favorite ones.. Warning: Picture heavy! :)





    The red pandas were off-exhibit to make room for the Clouded Leopard cubs. D': The red pandas have been my recent obsession lately (how could you not be obsessed with this?!), so it was a bummer. We asked the keepers where they were, and there's a whole little background: the main one is really old, so they retired him and moved him to a different zoo (!!! not euthanized or anything tragic!!), and they just got a brand new PAIR of red pandas that'll be on exhibit soon. PAIR OF RED PANDAS. PAIR. I'm so excited for next time! :)
 When's the last time you went to the zoo? What's your favorite exhibit to see?

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