October 3, 2012

The Inward Tuck Ponytail


   Many moons ago, I discovered the easiest hairstyle of all time (thanks, mom). It's so simple you've probably already tried it-- but if you're like me and late to the game, here's a little tutorial. It only takes five little baby steps, and wham-bam you instantly look more put-together! I'm going to go ahead and point out the awful quality of the diagram images; as it turns out, taking pictures in front of a bright window isn't such a great idea. I tried taking the photos at night, but the flash hit the window and messed everything up, so this is the best it can be. You can still see what I'm doing, though, so just excuse the quality and the diagram's good to go!

   The Inward Tuck Ponytail
  1) Tie your hair into a somewhat loose, low ponytail
  2) Right above your hair tie, divide your hair into two sections. Grab one section with each hand and pull apart, creating a hole
  3) Take your ponytail and tuck/pull it through the hole (entering from the outside)
  4) Ta-da! All done! Told you it was easy.

  This hairstyle probably won't take you more than two minutes, one minute after you've practiced. It's perfect for those bad hair days!


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