November 7, 2012

Four More Years + Legalization



   I'm sure you've seen a dozen posts about this today, but I just want to share a few things about yesterday!

  To quote Kaelah in her incredible post,
  "History was made yesterday! Tammy Baldwin, the first openly-gay (+ female, to boot!) senator was elected into office. Maize Hirono, the first Asian-American female senator was elected into office. Tammy Duckworth, the first disabled (veteran!) woman was elected into the House of Reps. Washington state and Colorado vote to legalize recreational marijuana! Maine, Washington and Maryland are just three more victories to add to the legalization of same sex unions."

  As a feminist, equality activist, marijuana-legalization activist, and citizen of the United States, these are massive pieces of news.
     To speak specifically... the legalization of recreational marijuana. I won't get on my soapbox when it comes to marijuana; I just want to say, as someone who did more-than-necessary research on cannabis, I am beyond thrilled about this.

     It is a very, very big day!

  I'm not going to talk about anything else to do with the election and results (I've never talked of my political views before, and I always feel a bit alienated when a member of an opposing party makes a big speech about her views, so I will not); if you want to know pretty much exactly how I feel, read the rest of Kaelah's spot-on post.


 P.S. I'm sorry if you're not in the United States/have no idea what I'm talking about-- this is the only political post I have planned, though!

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