December 31, 2012

2012 in Review + Looking to 2013

   Vas Happenin'?!

     2012 is over baby! Well, in some hours it will be! It's been a quite a year, so we should review... Here some of my favorite posts and highlights of twentytwelve!

The nail series was launched!
My wisdom teeth were removed, and I documented the whole thing!
  Launched Stuff Lately & School Series
 My Everyday Makeup Routine (it varies slightly now, but this is core!)
 The first hair tutorial!
  Whew! What a year!
   Looking on to 2013... Ugh, that beautiful double "2" is gone. Years will never be the same! And don't forget about the looming apocalypse we can no longer look forward to. :/ Anyway, in the coming 12 months, I hope to not only blog a lot more, but blog about more personal things, too. I want this blog to be bubbling over with great content, not just subpar, like I've so often included. I want 2013 to be a great year for me, you, and the blog!
 Here's to the new year!

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