October 15, 2011


 Welcome to the brand-new The Graceless Years!

  I'm Zoe, and I'm the sole author of the blog. You'll read about my adventures in life, media, nail art, shopping and more. I'm a teenager who's groping for the handholds on this tortuously youthful life I'm leading.
  Aside from combing chain-restaurants in search of the best pancakes in the history of civilization, I like to spend my time collecting old cameras and watching movies. If you want to know a little more about me, check out the "About Me" page.
   In case you're curious, this blog was previously Teenage Times (found on Wordpress). I moved permanently for many reasons (lack of options, etc.), and changed my title because I felt like if I was giving a makeover, I might as well go all-out, right?
  I digress. The point is: This is a brand-new blog about things I like and things I don't like. I hope you'll stick with me, because we'll go places together.


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