November 28, 2011

This & That


  Welcome to the first-ever installment of This & That. Like other blogs, this post will focus on the this and that of my current going-on's. Unlike other blogs, however, I won't just have one this and one that; rather, I'll have a-a-a-a-l-l-l-l the this-es and a-a-a-a-l-l-l-l the thats. Let's get this informative party started.

  Black Friday Shenanigans
 ...Were quite fun. Among other things, I finally got my Gone Gonzo Muppets nail polish, as well as a new Huffy bicycle (that I can't have until Christmas). Sadly, I'm a very poor bike-rider. But at least I'm not a poor movie-watcher, since we got at least forty of those.

  Shoes, clothes, bags, oh my! 
  As well as a lovely new pair of TOMS, I recently acquired a brand new mini cross-body satchel that fits my camera. Oh my god! Finally! It's really quite cute; but, as well as the Huffy, it was too expensive to have before Christmas. Sigh.

   MAAAAAAAIIILLLLLL CAAAAALLLLLL! My November stickers came!! I am disappointed, however, because my October ones never did.

 Knitting the Night Away
  That's right! Thanks to this video and this video, I'm a knitter! Well, not takes a lot longer than I expected, so I still haven't finished my first piece (or decided what it'll be...)

 Giiiiiiirl, did you get yo' nails did?
 No, but  I bought some new nail polish! I've got a really bad habit going on; I blew straight through my $20 in matter of  four minutes. Sigh.

  Driving, Driving in Your Car
    Just like the song I just quoted, Drive with Ryan Gosling had a sad ending. It did, however, make perfect sense after my mom explained it to me and I ignored my dad's incoherent ramblings on the subject. Anyway, I recommend it just for Gosling's softspoken, sweet (SMOKING HOT) character. (I also just saw volume one of Kill Bill and just about died. I NEED THE SECOND VOLUME, STAT!)
    I've got a Baby's Lips
 Well, I might eventually. I recently won some Baby Lips (I would never purchase it; Maybelline tests on animals, you know) that I've been dying for.

   Yay! I got my Florence + The Machine deluxe album in the mail!! She was wicked on SNL, naturally.

   What've you been up to lately?


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