February 1, 2012

This & That (2)

  Hello, hello!

    It's been a while since my last This & That, hasn't it? So sorry! These pictures are all (but one) via my iPhone, but I might have a couple better ones (related to these) in an upcoming post; I just wanted to make a quick blurb about my recent going-ons. Anyway, here's just a little update of what I've been up to lately...

(This is after a day...Sorry for the little bit of chipping and wear you see!)
   I finally tried Galaxy Nails (best tutorial, right here!)! They look a-okay...I have to say, I'm a bit disappointed with the hold-up! It must have something to do with the polish I'm using; 8 of my nails' polish came completely off by the end of today! I had to redo them, mid-week. Bummer!

     I've been super smooth-obsessed lately, but fresh strawberries have been hard to find. Frozen it is!

  Eeep! I saw Sleeping Beauty for the first time recently and loveloveloved it! You're able to see the 1959 creation date just by looking at the iconic 1950's drawing technique used in the fairies' faces. Although Beauty and the Beast will remain a favorite in my heart for all eternity (it's a tale as old as time, you know), Aurora takes the cake for prettiest princess! I'm head over heels for her peasant dress!

 Speaking of Beauty and the Beast.... I feel so lucky to have been able to see it in 3-D! I forgot how much I just adore that movie. These are some "commemorative lithographs" I was (super-psyched to be) able to get.

Check out this stellar "Keep Calm and Carry On" little display at Barnes & Noble!! All-time favorite quote; I could give you a history lesson on it. :) 

 While we're on the topic of Barnes and Noble (Books-a-Million is usually my bookstore poison, but this trip was last-minute), I got Mindy Kaling's Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me? (And Other Concerns) today. I've got to read a biography for school, and I already read Blackbeard, and Jack the Ripper was always kept anonymous by the 5-O, so... Also, from Hastings, I got This Dark Endeavor by Kenneth Oppel. ... MOTHER OF ALL THAT IS HOLY, THIS BOOK DESERVES AWARDS. ALL THE AWARDS. This is a prequel to Frankenstein (but written in 2011; fear not! It takes place in the period it's supposed to). I originally got it from the school library, but I saw it and had to have it. Why? See "MOTHER OF ALL THAT IS HOLY", above. I can't recommend a book more that I recommend this one, okay? Maybe I should do a whole review? Annnyywaaayyy, also pictured is my brand-spankin'-new deer sweater (clearance, baby!). I've been dying for an animal sweater for the longest time. So stoked!

Ringer returned this week! Next to New Girl, it makes my Tuesday nights even more perfect.

 As for the news!
  • Jason Wu for Target is unleashed this Sunday! Will it be like Missoni? I don't know, but I'll be getting up early. I may be broke (thanks, ModCloth), but I've got a $25 Target giftcard that's been burning a hole in my pocket...
  •  I've been crafting! Be on the lookout for some crafting posts, and maybe a special baking one, too!
  •  Don't be confused by the mini-redesign of the blog! I've been working up a storm!

       What've you been up to lately?


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