July 10, 2012

Review :: Sally Hansen Magnetic Nail Color


  I recently picked up some Sally Hansen Magnetic Nail Color in Golden Conduct, and I'm here to share a review of my experience!
The magnetic cap is removable

   If you've yet to hear of this magnetic nail color, here's the run down: the polish is a "formula" infused with magnetic particles that move when exposed to the "specially designed" magnet, which is then supposed to create a little pattern. The magnet is built onto the cap of the polish. Many brands are jumping on the trend (as usual; remember those inescapable shatter polishes?), but I figured if I were to try it, I should try a more classic brand, one that's not too cheap but not too expensive. Enter Miss Hansen!

   The rules: put on a base coat (like with any manicure), then put on a light coat of the polish and wait to dry. Apply a thick coat on your nail, immediately followed by the magnet. Place the magnet on your cuticle (there's a handy-dandy little grasp so you know where to put it), and hold it there for 10 seconds.  Then remove, and viola!

  My thoughts: the starting color is incredibly lackluster. Luckily, though, the magnet takes care of that. As far as holding the magnet for "10 seconds" -- I found the longer I held, the better the effect; I held mine for 15-25 seconds per nail. When I removed it... the effect was gorgeous. It was like nail art, without any extra tools, mess, or polish. The actual swirls were a lot wider-apart than advertised, as you can see, but actual result was evident. It took several days to begin chipping (I added a top coat). Let me note, though, that removing the polish was way more difficult than I imagined! It took about a cotton ball per two fingers.

 In conclusion: I adore this polish. It's easy to apply, the effect is impressive, and it lasts a while without chipping. However, removal of the polish is challenging, so take that into consideration if you're wondering whether or not to drop the ten bucks.

 Brand: Sally Hansen Magnetic Nail Color :: Golden Conduct
 Cost: $10
 Would I buy it again: Yes.

  Have you tried any trendy nail polishes lately? Did they turn out okay?


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