August 26, 2012

Stuff Lately // 8.26.12


N'SYNC dolls at the thrift store. I wanted Justin but if I bought one I couldn't just not buy the rest.

   If you've been a regular reader during the summer months, you'll notice I've seriously slowed down posting since that easy livin', warm weathern' time. This is just due to lack of time. So no worries, I'll still be posting a lot, just not everyday. I mean, where else will I post my sweater and pumpkin-scented candle emotions this fall? Like, duh.
 Anyway, here's some stuff that I've been into/doing since those lost days of summer.

 Watching: I just watched last week's Copper on BBC America; not too bad so far. Finally watched Midnight in Paris last night!! Serious wanderlust. :( Oh, and Perks of Being a Wallflower and Hotel Transylvania look like the best movies of the season, caaaaannn't waaaaait!! They're out in September.

 Reading: Troy by Adele Geras; Masquerade by Walter Satterthwait (I just found out it's a freaking sequel, but I already started reading it, so.)

 Eating: IHOP has Red Velvet Pancakes now. You can bet your buttons I went as soon as I found out.

Doing: Taking care of Walton. Remember? My baby cactus has been losing its baby leaves (what are they called?), so I've been watching him very carefully. Also: thrifting!! First few times since December; it's good to be back! haha. Oh, and I've set up a mini art wall above my TV!! I'll post print/picture details in an upcoming post (full of Etsy art I wish I had. holla.)

 Listening: "First Day of My Life' by Bright Eyes is freaking fire. And 'Skinny Love" by Bon Iver, man. Oh, and "100 Years" by Five for Fighting may not be the newest song ever but I've just started listening to it obsessively and it makes my heart hurt.

 Buying: This exact scarf from Target (omg it's called menswear inspired why do I always love boy things omg). It's so cute and I found all these new (to me) ways to wear it! Yaay!! Oh, also: Booties! I finally picked up a precious pair of booties at this store A'gaci (if you look it up, note: I don't usually shop there, but it was by F21 so I figured I'd run in and see if they had any cute booties. I feel like I'm saying booties a lot. Booties.) Now I'm all set for fall!

 Pancakes, Walton, Booties, Art wall.
Ignore that Cheer bear okay it's from the glory days 1st grade.
   What've you been up to lately??

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