August 28, 2012

Tunes Tuesday // Pop Songs on the Radio


 This week, I decided to dedicate Tunes Tuesday to my favorite pop/pop-y songs on the radio right now.  I don't listen to any of this stuff when it's not on the radio (minus No Doubt, Matchbox Twenty, and One Direction), though, but these are my favorite songs that play on the pop station.
  P.S. That Taylor Swift song is super catchy. I really don't like Taylor Swift because she never shuts her mouth in every/any advertisement she's in for whatever reason, but I do really like this track.
 P.S.S. Some of these take a few extra seconds to start. Don't give up.
Some Nights by fun. on Grooveshark
Want U Back by Cher Lloyd on Grooveshark
Tongue Tied by GROUPLOVE on Grooveshark
She's So Mean by Matchbox Twenty on Grooveshark
Everybody Talks by Neon Trees on Grooveshark
One Thing by One Direction on Grooveshark
We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together by Taylor Swift on Grooveshark
Settle Down by No Doubt on Grooveshark
  What are your favorite songs on the radio right now?

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