September 1, 2012

Hello September

  You guuuuuyyysssss it's September!! Before we start celebrating this early-fall month, please notice how I didn't quote a certain Green Day song in the title. Noticed? Okay. Let's keep going. So, September! Yay! July is summer, August is still summery, September is early fall! I can now burn my pumpkin candles and get excited for Halloween! (It's never to early for the best holiday okay?) Here's five things I'm looking forward to (besides this three day weekend!) this month!
Matt Smith and Karen Gillan among the Daleks in a dramatic new scene from the upcoming series of Dr Who - but which episode will mark the end for Gillan's character Amy Pond?
 September 1st :: the new Doctor Who season premieres tonight!!
   Note: if you watch the show (don't blink!), you should know Amy and Rory depart permanently around the Christmas episode. The producer guy said not everyone "makes it out alive", so I'll probably stop watching the show forever right before that episode, due to my inability to accept change. Also, if you don't watch it, you should. The first episode sucks but the rest are amazing! :)
File:The Perks of Being a Wallflower Poster.jpg
September 21st ::  The Perks of Being a Wallflower movie is released!
  ... in select theaters. :(
   September 24th :: NEW MUMFORD & SONS ALBUM!!
  September 25th :: the show New Girl returns!
  September 28th:: Hotel Translyvania hits theaters!
 Those are just a few of the things I can't wait for this month. What's September got in store for you?

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