February 23, 2013

Stellar Stuff Saturday #9

 Hope your week was MAGNIFICENT. We've got some catching up to do in these next few SSS'S!


Hello (Adult) Blue Champ Pullover
☛I'm so into pullovers lately. Why do the cutest ones have to be pricey?! Exhibit A.☚

☛ Mount Everest... From spaaace! ☚
Russian Tea Cakes
☛ I want to make these!☚
Hot Chocolate On A Stick
Glitter is the herpes of craft supplies.
Napoleon Dynamite Family - Homemade costumes for families
☛ Coolest family award goes to these guys ☚
Mumford & Sons / Awake My Soul iPhone Case
☛ Mumford & Sons iPhone cases yes yes. Oh, and this Ayn Rand one, too.☚The Wonderful Jacket Badge
☛ I want all of these patches. ☚
Couple Celebrates 80th Wedding Anniversary, Shares Secrets to Lasting Marriage (ABC News)
Couple Shares 80th Wedding Anniversary. Read their story. I JUST DIED.☚

☛ More Stuff ☚
The Useless Web.. You are so welcome.
☛ I love this font.
☛ A little retro slang is never a bad thing.
These ornaments! And this smoke detector!!
☛ I don't pay attention to atheletes, usually, but I'll always pay attention to this lovely guy.
☛ These key caps are cute!
How to Make a Baby. This is awesome!
☛ Anne Hathaway is SO CLASSY.
Gifts for rich folk. I want that chocolate printer. So, so badly.
 ☛ Phrenology of a Gentleman, because I love phrenology, and I love gentlemen. Also, Anatomy of a Sailor, because I love anatomy and I love sailors.
What caught your eye this week?

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