July 28, 2012

Stellar Stuff Saturday #3


  Welcome to this week's SSS.

☛ So so excited. I'm gonna have to break out my jazz flute. ☚

☛ David Beckham is so freaking cool. ☚

☛ Where is this and when can I go? ☚

☛ THAT DOG. Apparently he's a Finnish Lapphund. I want one! ☚

bear market
☛ A family of bears destroys a house in Bearsville. That just happened. ☚
☛ If anyone wants to buy me a birthday present two days early, I'd be so thankful! ;) ☚

☛ Google's "Doodle" on Amelia Earhart's 115th birthday was stunning. ☚

☛ Jerry Seinfeld launched a web series! Love me some Seinfeld. ☚

iPhone Case Camera Yellow Squash  Vintage Retro  IPhone 4/4s case Modern redtilestudio
This is so super cute. ☚

☛ World's Weirdest Hotel Rooms = serious wanderlust. ☚

☛ I'm in love with the logo! ☚
Jigglin' - 8x10 Print
☛ I totally love this! ☚

/// Other Stuff & Stuff Lately ///
☛ I tried this hair tutorial, but I think I did it wrong and it looked like sock curls. :( But look at just the headband hairstyle-- doesn't look like something from the 1920's?!

☛ My birthday is on Monday! It was already celebrated, but we'll still go to dinner probably. And I think I might try for my driver's permit! Eeee!

   Did you find any cool stuff this week?


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